Choosing a Psychologist

Usually we are able to work through the problems ourselves, or with support of family and friends. At times however, we need the assistance of a trained professional. Through therapy, psychologists help people of all ages to find solutions to their problems. The training and licensing of psychologists is rigorous and no one may represent themselves by the title of psychologist unless they have achieved the high standards of the profession and state licensing authorities.

When a person chooses to seek therapy with a psychologist they can have confidence that many other qualified professionals have reviewed and examined the training and background of that psychologist. As members of Ventura County Psychological Association we encourage freedom of choice, but we also encourage persons seeking therapy to choose practitioners who have the proper qualifications.

We feel that psychologists are your best choice for therapy and will cooperatively work with other health disciplines to ensure you receive the best care!

There are a number of unregulated titles, such as counselor, therapist, psychotherapist, hypnotist, advisor and analyst, which are sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably with psychologist. Since titles like these are unregulated, anyone, with no required qualifications at all, can hold themselves out to the public as a professional without violating any law. VCPA endeavors to help the public be more aware of the differences between psychologists and those who use such unregulated titles by using the title "psychologist" only to refer to one who is licensed as such.

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