What is a Psychologist?

Psychologists are highly trained professionals in the area of mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment, specifically in observing behavior, evaluating thoughts and feelings, and helping develop new patterns of behavior that enhance personal growth. Psychologists, after graduating from college, spend an average of seven years in training before receiving a doctorate. Psychologists additionally must complete a clinical internship in a hospital or organized health setting before graduation. After receiving their doctorate they must have a year of supervised training before being licensed to practice independently. Psychologists have specialty areas of expertise, such as children, families, education, neuropsychology and many others. Psychologists are licensed by states. Renewal of this license depends upon holding to the ethics of the profession, demonstration of competence and requires continuing education. Psychologists are unique in the mental health field in their training and use of psychodiagnostic instruments. The "quality" care you can be sure of is based on the psychologist's ability to accurately assess through psychological testing what your needs are and design a treatment that will remediate the problems. Our commitment is to do it right the first time, through careful assessment and wisely implemented treatment techniques.

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