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Gender identity, pronouns, and medical transition have received increased visibility in recent
years within the field of psychology, on social media platforms, and in our public policies.
Despite this increased visibility, many gender expansive individuals, particularly youth, continue
to experience challenges on multiple fronts including internally via stigma and shame,
interpersonally in navigating transition and outness with family, friends, and partners, and
systemically as they encounter barriers to accessing medical care. Dr. Kary will offer a gender-
inclusive approach to conceptualizing gender and the challenges that often accompany gender
expansiveness with emphasis on youth and intersections with culture and other aspects of
identity. This presentation will review specific gender-inclusive practices and case vignettes.

Register here: https://sbcpa.org/event-5072123

Event date 02-03-2023 12:00 pm
Event End Date 02-03-2023 1:30 pm
Registration Start Date 02-01-2023 1:00 am
Cut off date 12-13-2022 9:20 am
Individual Price $25.00